Battlecon will allow you to control your servers in a whole new way

Control, manage and monitor your servers like never before! An extensive feature list is at your disposal, built specifically for eSports needs.


Multiple Servers

Add and save multiple servers with Battlecon. All the servers' login information is stored in one place so you will never need to enter your server's login data again. Switch to another server with a click of a button.

In-game Administration

Battlecon comes with a set of predefined in-game commands that can be used by admins in-game. This makes you independent from the application's interface, allowing you to control your server from in-game.

Server Customization

Personalize your server as you would like. Define and set custom values for every server option, from bullet damage to spectator and reserved slots. All of the options are categorically separated for better navigation.

Battle Reports

Round reports are generated at the end of each round, giving you a clear view of the round's and every player's stats. Browse through the number of kills and deaths, players' weapons and even the headshots with each weapon.

Intuitive & Simple Design

Battlecon features an elegant and clean design to provide smoother navigation and a better user experience. The most used and important controls were placed in specific zones for faster access and a more effective administration.

ESL Versus Matchmaker

Versus Matchmaker is a brand new system that autonomously prepares your server for Versus matches. This system will change maps and players according to the Versus match you are in. All you need to do is log in with your ESL account and you are ready to go.

All Maps and Gamemodes

All Battlefield 4 vanilla maps and gamemodes are supported. The new maps and gamemodes introduced by Battlefield 4 expansions are also supported and Battlecon will continue to update with the release of upcoming expansions.

Player Management

Control your server's population with Battlecon's deep player management options. Instant player team swaps, full team swaps, kills, kicks, bans and much more. Battlecon provides the necessary tools for your administration desires.

eSports exclusive actions

Exclusive functionalities for eSports events are present in Battlecon. They can be used to properly start a competitive round, briefing and controlling players with proper mechanisms. Quick map and gamemode changes are also available.



Login Window


Main Window


ESL Account


Server settings

How It Works

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Add your server.

Upon starting battlecon, add your server by clicking on the "Add server" button. After this you will be prompted to enter information about your server: name (a custom name to identify your server), the server address (your server address/IP), the server port (your server query port) and the server password (your server admin password for remote control administration).

Depending on your provider, your server might only have one port. This port acts as a game/query port and can be used.

After filling all the fields, hit Ok and your server will be added to Battlecon. You can still add more servers or, if you are satisfied, select your server and log in.

Customize your server.

At this stage there are several things you can do. During your first run, we recommend that you customize your server settings, add server admins, setup your ESL account, and get acquainted with the application's interface and controls.

Most of the options can be accessed from the settings menu. There you will find a wide range of options categorically separated by tabs. Some of the tabs cover server specific options while others focus on admins and ESL features.

Using an ESL account is optional, however, it is required for the Versus Matchmaker System to work. Consult the FAQ to learn more about this feature.

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Start your match.

Set the map and gamemode to your liking and swap players accordingly. When you are ready, hit the "Go Live" button from the interface or use /golive from in-game. The server will then initiate a Go Live procedure, warning all players and restarting the current round.

If you are playing ESL Versus and Battlecon's Versus Matchmaker is enabled, almost none of this work will be required from you! The system will automatically change the server map and set the players according to their Versus teams. The only thing you will have to do is to start the match.

Enjoy Battlecon and good luck soldier!

  • "Battlecon is a simple and easy to use server management tool that saves you time and effort when playing ESL versus and clanwars. Just /golive and win that match!"

    Lyslaz / Battlefield 4 Competitive Player

  • "Battlecon spawned from the passion and diligence of a guy who thought BF4 competitive deserved a better tool. It's, already, the best rcon out in the market, and it's only getting better."

    ToTheSun! / Battlefield 4 Competitive Player

  • "Much respect for you to develop this. I'm running the latest version on our matchserver. Works like a charm!"

    Royal / Battlefield 4 Competitive Player


What is Battlecon?

Battlecon is a RCON tool for Battlefield 4 servers.

RCON stands for remote control administration and it refers to any method of controlling a computer from a remote location. In this case, a Battlefield 4 server will be controlled.

Battlecon was developed to facilitate the process of handling and setting up servers for competitive purposes. Contrary to other common rcon tools, Battlecon does not provide the necessary tools to have a public server running 24/7. Instead, it provides the proper ways and mechanisms to control and setup your server for a private clan war or any other eSports events.

What do I need to use Battlecon?

In order to use Battlecon you will need the following:

Internet connection
Access to the server's administration
- Server address
- Server port
- Server password

What is Versus Matchmaker?

Versus Matchmaker is a brand new system that autonomously prepares your server for Versus matches. This system will change maps and players according to the Versus match you are in. All you need to do is log in with your ESL account and you are ready to go. Please see this images as you read the instructions:

Image 1- Enter your server info and press Login.
Image 2- On the main window, go to Settings -> Options
Image 3- Go to the ESL tab and enter your ESL account login info. Press connect. After a few seconds you should see your ESL avatar and some account info next to it.
Image 4- That's it! Everything is ready. Please read the comments of this image to learn more about the 3 phases of versus matchmaker.
Image 5- Enjoy your tea while Battlecon does the job for you! When ready press the "Go Live" button from the app or type /golive from in-game.

Do I have to pay to use Battlecon?

No, Battlecon is entirely free! :)

Enjoy Battlecon with no user restrictions or subscription models.